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With so many factors to consider, how will you make informed financial decisions that allow you to achieve the results you want?

At New Means Financial Planning, we believe that wherever you want to go, you’re more likely to get there if you start with good map and head in the right direction. Our mission is to help you chart your journey, quantify the resources it will require, and create a realistic plan to get you moving towards your chosen destination(s).

We make sure we understand your personal needs, goals, and constraints.
We perform qualitative and quantitative analysis, researching the issues and analyzing the numbers using the vast array of powerful tools and resources available to us.
We bring our knowledge of risk management, cash and debt management, college funding, investing, taxes, retirement, and estate planning, plus the collective experience of The Garrett Planning Network, Inc., to bear.
We incorporate personal and environmental factors to ensure that our recommendations reflect what’s practical and achievable.






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